The Best Places To Eat Breakfast In Los Angeles

 All day breakfast Los Angeles pancakes waffles near you

We hope that everyone reading this is ready to take a deep dive into the best places to eat breakfast inLos Angeles. Our only real goal is to help you find the right meal to kick start your day.

The best all-around brunch and breakfast restaurants inLos Angeles will be where we begin. We know that many of you will be trying to find delicious eggs, omelets, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches, wraps, bacon, sausage, or more and the spots on that list will have what you are after.

Up next we will get into healthy vegan and vegetarian breakfast options in your area. Our next few subjects are pretty similar with local bakeries, donut, and bagel shops.

Drinks will be our next focus as cafes to get your coffee as well as some more healthy options like smoothies and juice bars get a mention. All day breakfast restaurants near you will wrap this up because we know that the morning hours are not the only time to indulge, and we will try to mention any brunch buffets throughout the post when applicable.

Towards the conclusion you will find a map with every place we mention pinned on it, and anyone that wants to check out our other posts on this area of the world is welcome to do so right there.

Best Los Angeles Breakfast & Brunch Restaurants

You will have a good chance of finding the best bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes, omelets, and more if you eat at the bestLos Angeles breakfast and brunch restaurants:

Square One Dining serves American breakfast and lunch throughout the week from 9am to 3pm except for Tuesday and Wednesday when they are closed.

Poppy + Rose serves some of the best breakfast and brunch in your area including their famous chicken and waffles.

Eat This Cafe is a great spot for delectable brunches, artisanal dishes, and specialty sandwiches. You can head to H Cafe from 9am to 4pm daily.

Omelette Inn has a patio and serves great local breakfast and lunch from 7am to 3pm daily.

American and Mexican comfort foods as well as all day breakfast in Longbeach are offered seven days a week from 8am to 1pm at The Potholder Café.

The Breakfast Bar is open from 6am to 2pm on weekdays and they stay open until 3pm on weekends.

Breakfast, burgers, and sandwiches are served in a casual setting from 7am to 2pm at The Scratch Room.

Breakfast Republic in Irvine specializes in American classics with a twist like Oreo pancakes, shrimp and grits, and s’mores French toast.

There are fine servings of brioche French toast, chili Verde Benedict, breakfast burrito, chilaquiles, churro waffle, apple baked pancakes, avocado toast, omelet a la grecque, organic rolled oats and granola, and much more as well as drip coffees and lattes at Poached Neighborhood Kitchen from 7am to 2pm daily.

Trendy American classics are also available at Society Kitchen on weekdays from 8am to 8pm and until 3:30pm on weekends.

Sweet and savory crepes for breakfast and brunch in Santa Monica are offered from 8am to 4pm at Blue Daisy.

Vegan & Vegetarian Breakfasts

Have your first meal at one of these healthy vegan or vegetarian breakfast spots if you want to live your best life:

The Vegan Joint offers a full menu with a variety of options including breakfast burritos, pancakes, and hash browns all day as well as their specialty Thai vegan based foods.

At Honey Hi you can enjoy a menu consisting primarily of local and organic vegetables from small farms in addition to pancakes, French toast, and sandwiches made with nutrient dense flours such as buckwheat and hazelnut that are naturally gluten free from 9am to 4pm daily.

Amazebowls is open from 8am to 6pm daily serving creamy, fruit forward, all natural açaí, and smoothie bowls that are vegan, made with 100% fruit, and free from refined sugar, dairy, or juice.

Backyard Bowls offers mostly organic acai bowls, hot porridges, smoothies, and more and also serves truckloads of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains every day from 8am to 5pm.

The Wild Chive offers plant based comfort foods and brunch bites on weekdays from 10am to 5pm and until 4pm on weekends.

You can visit Herb and Ranch Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3pm to try a wide range of breakfast and lunch options as well as a constantly changing menu including classics like their salsa verde breakfast burrito, caprese sandwiches, delectable wraps, and farm fresh salads.

Kye’s is a good option for healthy smoothies, shakes, burritos, wraps, and plenty more on weekdays from 10am to 8pm and until 7pm on weekends.

Donuts Shops In Los Angeles

Best donut bagels Los Angeles 24 hour breakfast restaurants

Or just eat something delicious at one of these donut shops near you:

California Donuts is open 24 hours a day seven days a week and also offers sweet and savory croissants, muffins, and milkshakes.

Specialty donuts with creative toppings and cute animal faces are sold throughout the day at Fantastic.

Donut Friend serves made to order donuts in a variety of sweet and savory flavors on weekdays from 10am to 9pm and until 10pm on weekends.

You can get muffins, scones, and turnovers at Primo’s Donuts for an early LA breakfast starting at 5:30am.

Some of the best donuts in your area are available at Circle where breakfast, lunch, and drinks are also offered on weekdays from 5am to 8pm and until 6pm on weekends.

Traditional pastries, sandwiches, and coffee are available at Donut Island in Long Beach from 4:30am Monday through Friday and from 5am on Saturday.

Sweet Retreat serves donuts, coffees, milk tea, and smoothies every day starting at 6am.

Fresh donuts, sandwiches, and coffee are offered daily from 4am to 10pm at DK’s as well as customized donuts for birthdays and other special occasions.

Winchell’s is one of the best spots to go for donuts, sandwiches, muffins, and other baked goods as well as coffees, licuado, and raspado.

Homemade donuts and breakfast sandwiches in Anaheim are served all day at M & M starting at 4am.

Duck is a locally owned shop serving fresh made to order donuts, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and other items on weekdays starting at 6:30am and 8am on weekends.

Creative donuts ranging from sweet to savory options are served along with coffee from 6:30am to 6pm at Sidecar.

You can choose from a wide range of flavors and varieties of donuts at Yum Yum as well as get sandwiches and beverages all throughout the day.

Local Bagel Shops

Expect to find a wide variety of bagels and probably even some breakfast sandwiches at:


There are lots of bakeries around town that have good early morning options:

Proof is a café and bakery providing freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, and cakes as well as roasted coffee on weekdays from 8am to 4pm and until 3pm on weekends.

Cake Monkey Bakery specializes in miniature layer cakes as well as pies, cookies, and scones seven days a week from 9am to 6pm.

Sweet and savory baked goods as well as local breakfast items are offered at Roji Bakery from 8:30am to 4pm except for Tuesday when they are closed.

Some of the finest cakes, pastries, and cookies are available at Lincoln Bakery starting at 8am Tuesday through Friday and 8am on Monday.

Pastries, cakes, and Middle Eastern desserts are offered at Le Mirage Pastry starting at 9am.

Paderia Bakehouse serves traditional baked goods in Irvine from 7am to 7pm daily.

Sunmerry is a Taiwanese bakery providing cakes, cookies, and breads as well as hot and cold specialty drinks starting at 7:30am.

La Monarca is a popular bakery and café offering Mexican breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, and lunch fare.

Cafes In Your Area

Kick your day off with a caffeine blast at one of these cafes:

Baked goods, coffee, and tea are served every day from 6am to 6pm at Go Get Em Tiger.

An extensive menu of American baked goods and light bites are available from 7am to 10pm Sunday through Thursday and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday at Urth Caffe.

Vibes Café serves specialty roasted coffee and a variety of artisanal breakfasts and beverages from 8am to 4pm daily.

Homestyle breakfast and lunch with vegetarian options are offered at Coffee Cup Café on weekdays from 7am to 2pm and until 3pm on weekends.

The Cafe Krave provides breakfast and lunch sandwiches and wraps along with good coffee five days a week from 8am to 3pm. Smoothies and light fare are available on weekdays for an early breakfast in Anaheim from 6am to 2pm and from 7am on weekends at Grow Coffee + Tea.

Blk Dot Coffee also serves tea, avocado toast, sandwiches, pastries, and other items from 6:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 7am to 3pm on Saturday and we should mention they are well known for their signature slow dripped Vietnamese craft coffee.

Breakfast and lunch are served from 6am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and from 7am on Sunday at The Lost Bean.

Sandwiches and pastries are available at Goodboybob Coffee everyday starting at 8am.

Love Coffee Bar features modern outdoor seating and serves light snacks along with coffee and espresso on weekdays from 7am to 2pm and 8am to 4pm on weekends.

Smoothies & Juice Bars

Wraps, sandwiches, bowls, and other healthy food for your morning should also be available at these smoothie and juice bars:

Both Kye’s and Sweet Retreat Donuts also make some of the best smoothies for breakfast in LA.

All Day Breakfast Restaurants

When you want your bacon and eggs on your own schedule visit a Los Angeles all day breakfast restaurant:

Blu Jam Café serves American breakfast classics all day in your area from 9am to 2pm.

You might want to try Fratelli Café’s signature croissant French toast, waffles, scrambles, wraps, burgers, and salads.

Large portions of American breakfast favorites are served all day in Los Angeles from 7am to 3pm Wednesday through Friday and until 5pm on weekends at The Original Pantry Café.

Pancakes continue to roll out of Jacks N Joe’s kitchen all throughout the day.

The Pan provides all day breakfasts in Long Beach along with other comfort foods six days a week.

Willy’s Eatery is a breakfast and brunch restaurant near you serving Greek and American dishes ranging from pancakes to eggs to gyros from 8am to 2pm daily.

Breakfast and lunch are served all day from 7am to 3pm at Huckleberry’s.

Delicious servings of omelets, eggs sandwiches, creme brûlée oatmeal, donut French toast, breakfast burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and pastries are available on weekdays from 8am to 3pm at W Café.

Everyday Eatery provides brekkie, brunch, and lunch as well as coffee and other good beverages seven days a week from 7am to 3pm.

Café Zella offers coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and breakfast all day in Santa Monica on weekdays from 7am to 5pm and from 7:30pm on weekends.

Snug Harbor is open from 7am to 3pm serving tasty American breakfast and lunch favorites.

Other restaurants mentioned throughout the post serving all day breakfast near you include The Potholder Café and Grow Coffee + Tea.

Just in case you were interested we have also written about:

Enjoy Your Breakfast In Los Angeles

For now that is all we have to mention but check back often because we plan to update this page throughout the year. Now that you know about all of those local breakfast spots to get your eggs, omelets, bacon, pancakes, or waffles as well as buffets, healthy vegetarian and vegan options, donut and bagel shops near you, cafes, smoothie and juice bars, and all day restaurants you can tackle the morning.

Don’t be afraid to mention if we got anything incorrect in the comments, and feel free to share any early morning meal tips for your area that you may have too. Now go have fun enjoying your breakfast in Los Angeles.

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