The Best Places To Eat Breakfast In Budapest

All day breakfast Budapest pancakes waffles near you

We hope that everyone reading this is ready to take a deep dive into the best places to eat breakfast in Budapest. Our only real goal is to help you find the right meal to kick start your day.

The best all-around brunch and breakfast restaurants in Budapest will be where we begin. We know that many of you will be trying to find delicious eggs, omelets, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches, wraps, bacon, sausage, or more and the spots on that list will have what you are after.

Up next we will get into healthy vegan and vegetarian breakfast options in your area. Our next few subjects are pretty similar with local bakeries, donut, and bagel shops.

Drinks will be our next focus as cafes to get your coffee as well as some more healthy options like smoothies and juice bars get a mention. All day breakfast restaurants near you will wrap this up because we know that the morning hours are not the only time to indulge, and we will try to mention any brunch buffets throughout the post when applicable.

Towards the conclusion you will find a map with every place we mention pinned on it, and anyone that wants to check out our other blogs about delicious breakfasts in Europe can try that link.

Best Budapest Breakfast & Brunch Restaurants

You will have a good chance of finding the best bacon, eggs, waffles, pancakes, omelets, and more if you eat at the best Budapest breakfast and brunch restaurants:

Pantry Brunch prepares eggs, smoothie bowls, and baked goods as well as coffee and juices with vegan, gluten free, and lactose free options from 9am to 3pm Tuesday through Sunday. Delectable all day breakfast meals in your area along with Hungarian cuisines with vegetarian options are available at Émile Restaurant from 9am to 6pm Tuesday through Sunday. Szimply also offers local breakfast all day with gluten free options from 9am to 4pm Monday through Saturday.

Cirkusz Café serves high quality breakfast and brunch items daily from 8am to 4pm. Anyám Szerint makes traditional Hungarian breakfast with vegan and lactose free options from 8am to 4pm on weekdays.

Vegan & Vegetarian Breakfasts

Édeni Vegán at Iskola St 31 Artisan vegan dishes are served at Édeni Vegán from 10am to 7pm Monday through Saturday.

Donut Shops In Budapest

Best donut bagels Budapest 24 hour breakfast restaurants

Or just eat something delicious at one of these donut shops near you:

Local Bagel Shops

Expect to find a wide variety of bagels and probably even some breakfast sandwiches at:


There are lots of bakeries around town that have good early morning options:

Artizán offers some of the best sourdough breads and breakfast pastries on weekdays from 7am to 6pm and 7:30am to 1:30pm on Saturdays. Fresh baked goods, sandwiches, pastries, and other items are available at Budapest Bakery and Café on weekdays from 7am to 5pm and 8am to 2pm on weekends.

High quality sourdough bread, sweet pastries, vegan sandwiches, and coffee are served at Arán on weekdays from 7:30am to 6pm and 8am to 3pm on weekends. Butter Brothers Bakery and Bistro provides selections of pastries and coffee on weekdays from 7am to 7pm and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Cafes In Your Area

Kick your day off with a caffeine blast at one of these cafes:

Quality brunch meals and coffee are available at Horizont from 9am to 4pm Monday through Saturday.

The Goat Herder provides a variety of coffee drinks and fresh juices as well as delectable foods from 7:30am to 4:30pm on weekdays and 8am to 3pm on weekends. Local breakfasts and specialty coffee are also offered at Budapest Baristas on weekdays from 7:30am to 7pm and 9am to 7pm on weekends.

Smoothies & Juice Bars

Wraps, sandwiches, bowls, and other healthy food for your morning should also be available at these smoothie and juice bars:

You can also get high quality smoothies at Anyám Szerint, Brunch Bistro, and Cinnamon from some of our other lists.

All Day Breakfast Restaurants

When you want your bacon and eggs on your own schedule visit an Budapest all day breakfast restaurant:

Zoska serves all day breakfast near you from 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday.

Stika prepares English and Hungarian breakfast dishes as well as coffee every day from 8am to 4pm.

Hungarian scrambled eggs, omelets, poached eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, pastries, and fresh juices with vegan, gluten free, and lactose free options are available at Brunch Bistro daily from 8am to 4pm.

Cinnamon provides selections of all day breakfast meals, home baked goods, sandwiches, and tapas as well as coffee, smoothies, and wine from 8am to 4pm throughout the week.

There are 5 locations of Cafe Brunch Budapest around the city that serve breakfast and brunch all day.

Émile Restaurant, Szimply, and Cirkusz Café offer all day breakfast in too.

Just in case you were interested we have also written about:

Enjoy Your Breakfast In Budapest

For now that is all we have to mention but check back often because we plan to update this page throughout the year. Now that you know about all of those local breakfast spots to get your eggs, omelets, bacon, pancakes, or waffles as well as buffets, healthy vegetarian and vegan options, donut and bagel shops near you, cafes, smoothie and juice bars, and all day restaurants you can tackle the morning.

Don’t be afraid to mention if we got anything incorrect in the comments, and feel free to share any early morning meal tips for your area that you may have too. Now go have fun enjoying your breakfast in Budapest.

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